Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well, we have some bad news and some good news. Bad news is we have to leave Caye Caulker, the good news is we are returning to our old congregation, Powell River South, in Canada. We really can't stay here with no permanent elders, so we've done all we can here for now. Things will continue in the congregation, the brothers from San Pedro come on Saturday night to take the congregation bible study, ministry school, and service meeting, and then they stay until Sunday for the talk and watchtower study. They will continue to do this until a permanent elder comes. It is a big sacrifice on their part and they are greatly appreciated. We'd like to come back, at least for a few weeks at a time, to help out those who are here. It has been a challenging assignment, but we've had a lot of joy with the hardships, and we have no regrets coming here. We've learned a lot, and hopefully we'll be able to use it pioneering in Canada. We are excited to see everyone again (its been two years).

We've been wrapping up some things before we leave. We decided to get some dental work done, because at $30 US per filling its a pretty good deal. Professional offices too. Also we took William and Brendon to the zoo, so I've passed on some pictures. We all had a great time, its a small zoo, but very beautiful, and arranged so you can get really close to the animals. The animals they have are all found in Belize. Brendon and William had never gone to the zoo before. They were supposed to go with their school trip, but it didn't work out. Great time (even if the tapir peed on Jeremy).
Please everyone keep in touch. Our regular email is or We look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Earthquake in Honduras

Hey guys guess what? Here we thought that hurricane was our biggest threat on the island. Last night Jeremy was woken up by shaking. We checked this morning and there was an earthquake in Honduras, and yes we felt it here. Then I checked the internet this morning, and we actually had a tsunami warning here (now lifted). Of course there is a warning in the middle of the night, but we never heard about it, so we could have washed away while we were sleeping. Crazy. Anyway everything is fine, and I'm sure we will hear soon about how our brothers in Honduras are doing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rain at last

Hooray, its raining. Who knew water on a desert island is such a problem? Its been very dry, and our rain tank was empty, and this morning our well ran out. Its filling slowly, but only a little each day. We had to ration water for washing and showering. Tonight it is finally showering, hopefully more, and we will have lots of water. Every day it rains in Belize City, but it keeps just going right past here.
This is a picture of a boa constrictor that was living in the lot behind the kingdom hall. Its perfectly harmless, eats rats and mice, so we were happy to find it. Its probably still living there, we will almost never see it because it lives in the trees.
Saturday was our congregations' turn to do maintenance at the assembly hall, so Jeremy went and took Christian Magana too. There was also brothers from San Pedro. Unfortunately he didn't remember to take pictures, so we'll have to post some more next time.
Lots of love, Scrivers

Circuit Overseer Visit

We've had upsetting events this week. Our elder, brother Houghton, was attacked while walking on the beach at night with his laptop. He was hit on the head very hard. No one realized it happened (his wife was asleep and didn't realize he had gone out). Though disoriented and injured, he managed to wander back to our place at the kingdom hall. Jeremy then went to get Dolly his wife and the police. We then, along with some in the congregation, took him to the clinic, where he was examined by the doctor. He said to keep him under observation, and when his condition worsened closer to morning, the doctor arranged to have him flown to Belize City. He was taken to a very good private hospital there, and after cat scans, they realized they needed to perform surgery quickly to release the pressure on his brain. He has been recovering steadily since the surgery, and is now sitting up and talking to people. We pray for his recovery.
Tuesday the circuit overseer arrived. Though we were all stressed about Dan, we did have a good visit. Support for service was good, and many studies came to the meeting on Sunday. Our congregation is going to be looked after by the neighboring island, San Pedro. The elders are enthusiastic when they come and very supportive.
Dan was our only elder, so if any elder is reading this wondering what will be done to help, this congregation has always been dependent on visiting elders. However with 280% meeting attendance, and new ones on the school, lots of good things are happening to keep this congregation going. Oh, and flights are cheap now. Hint hint hint.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunset on the Island

This is the sunset from the top of the newest hotel on the island. Caye Caulker Plaza. Now that we have figured out about pictures, we'll try to keep taking new ones. Karen's job is to write the news, Jeremy's job is to take new pictures. Hope to keep it interesting. We'll write again soon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Blog

So we are starting a blog. Please be patient as we figure out all this.
The news this week? Of course worries about swine flu being in Mexico. With the number of travellers back and forth from Mexico, the worry about it spreading here is real. As of right now its not here, but we have more info about frequent hand washing and quarantining if we are sick. So far so good, no one here is sick.
Next week is our CO visit. We will write more after that with all the news and experiences.
Thats all for now.
Lots of Love, Scrivers